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  • Juniper + Spruce
  • Juniper + Spruce

Juniper + Spruce

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A wonderful shaving soap!!! Indulge in the fresh, unmistakable scent of pine needles and juniper berries with a fresh outdoors woodsy smell. Just what you need to get through the day!


stimulating to nervous system antiseptic properties improves blood flow, mildly analgesic helpful with coughs, sinusitis; expectorant

clears the mind anti-depressant, astringent & anti-inflammatory properties tones skins; helpful with eczema, psoriasis & acne

clarifying, warming & invigorating scent analgesic, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties stimulating to the skin and hair follicles, helps increase circulation has a tightening effect on the skin and reduces bloating and puffiness effective against scurf and dandruff helps to clear the mind, sharpen the memory and boost the central nervous system clears respiratory congestion.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower* and/or sunflower*, palm*, and coconut* (with retained glycerin); essential oils of fir needle, pine, juniper berry, and spruce; juniper berries*; rosemary extract.(*certified organic PCO)


Directions: Lather with water between hands, and apply generously to face and body. Wash off. This soap is gentle enough to use every day or even multiple times per day.