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Green Fashion? What in The Hell is That?

The Fashion industry has been in on ways to cut down on fast fashion and create great, high-end looks with out killing mother earth or her precious animals. Sustainability and Social responsibility is very important for any industry, especially the fashion industry. Knowing a company cares about the environment and their people makes the company more desirable to many.

A few designers becoming increasingly aware of issues facing global warming and social responsibility are Mara Hoffman and Maria Cornejo. According to “Maria Cornejo for her 2017-18 fall collection utilized vegetable dyes and materials that are environmentally friendly like silk, or she used ones that require bare minimum of shipping and processing”.

Mara Hoffman is another designing focused on these issues in the industry”. She and her team focus on every aspect of their production and fabrication to create products that could last throughout many seasons. According to “Hoffman makes sure the facilities work with social responsibility guidelines and social responsibility standards making sure everyone is treated fairly.

This article was contributed by Saks Fifth Ave Style Advisor, Franklin Adorkor. Looking for great ways to save the earth through fashion? Be sure to contact Franklin Adorkor @Fashionably_Frank_S5A

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  • This is awesome! Companies doing there part to support nature and the well being of our natural bodies!

    • Dominique